707 Brews

The Ave Bar 

February 10

3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

1607 Ocean Ave., San Francisco, CA, 94112

The 707 area code represents an area filled with charm and distinct
areas. Visit the Ave Bar as we travel along the northern coast to sample
fantastic beers.

*Lost Cost *- Eureka! Lost Coast Brewery has found the secret to great
craft beers using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative methods...like
turning steam produced from boiling wort back into hot water which is used
to make the next brew. Get lost learning about new beers and brewing

*Third Street AleWorks *- Tradition meets experimentation at Third Street.
Beer aficionados can enjoy beers that don't fit into any one category.
Anglo-Celtic ales, West Coast styles, lagers, and even lager-ale hybrids
are available to spice up your pallet. Soothe your thirst with a variety of
exciting beers.

*Six Rivers *- Small Batch Craft beer locally sourced in the traditional
English style of brewing offer an old world experience. Become educated on
craft beers and suggested pairings- be tempted with Sasquatch Double IPA,
Chili Pepper Ale, Raspberry Lambic, Macadamia Nut Porter and more old
school perfectly balanced malts

*Fog Belt* - North Coast Stand Up! Your taste buds will come alive with
brews sourced from local ingredients and named after coastal Redwood trees
only found in the "Fog Belt" Learn about barrel aging and a new sour beer
program and enjoy the tastes that come from the Northern California Coast.


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