Amgen Tour of California

clientuploads/Pictures/2013/ATOC_Overall_Map_2013-250.jpgAs America's most successful cycling race, the Amgen Tour of California is one of the nation’s largest and most recognized annual sporting events. Taking place over eight days, this prestigious cycling road race features elite professional teams and athletes from around the world. The Amgen Tour of California awards important, world-ranking points to the top finishers. In 2012, Santa Rosa had the privilege of hosting the most lauded Overall Start in Amgen Tour history.

For the 2013 Amgen Tour of California, Santa Rosa will make history as the first Northern California OVERALL FINISH host city as the Tour changes direction, moving from South to North. Once again we look forward to sharing the beauty and culture of Sonoma County, and the thrill of the race with you!

There is no other event like the Amgen Tour of California in the United States. Since the inaugural race in 2006, Santa Rosa has hosted a Stage seven out of the eight years:

  • 2013 - Sunday, May 19 Overall Tour Finish
  • 2012 – Sunday, May 13 Opening day Overall Start and Finish
  • 2010 – Monday, May 17 – Stage 2 Finish
  • 2009 – Sunday, February 15, 2009 - Stage 1 Finish & Women’s Criterium
  • 2008 – Monday, February 18 - Stage 1 Finish
  • 2008 - Tuesday, February 19 Stage 2 Start – Railroad Square
  • 2007 – Monday, February 19 – Stage 1 Finish
  • 2007 - Tuesday, February 20 – Stage 2 Start – Railroad Square
  • 2006 – Monday, February 20 - Stage 1 Finish

This highlights the great relationship the AMGEN Tour of California has with Santa Rosa.

For more information, check out our TourRosa homepage.