Dia De Los Muertos

History Museum of Sonoma County 

October 27, 2016

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

475 7th St., Santa Rosa, CA, 95401

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS: ANCIENT CELEBRATIONS AND TRADITIONS OF LIFE AND DEATH. Laura Larqué, professor of history at Santa Rosa Junior College, will give an overview of the philosophy of life and death, the concept of duality and the belief of equality in the universal realm of the Indigenous civilizations.The heart of the lecture will be on the Aztec/Mexica celebration of dead and how the ancestors of Mesoamerica view death as only one state of the infinite cycle of life and death. Although practices and details vary from one indigenous community to another, there is almost a universal belief that the spirits of the dead reach, in one way or another, the spirit world once the body goes to nurture mother Earth.Laura Larqué was born and raised in Mexico City. She holds a bachelor’s/master’s degrees in sociology from the University of Mexico, and a master’s degree in history from Sonoma State University. Currently she is a professor of history at Santa Rosa Junior College, has an education program on the public bilingual radio station KBBF, has been an Aztec dancer for 23 years, and considers herself to be a cultural and social worker. She also follows the spiritual Mexica—Aztec traditions.


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