HenHouse Big Chicken Release

Lost & Found Beer Garden 

February 17, 2017

2:00pm - 11:59pm

2040 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA, 94612

SF Beer Week is characteristically about over doing it. HenHouse Brewing Company clearly gets that...

"Big Chicken" is a massively aromatic Imperial IPA which uses an astounding 11lbs of hops per barrel of beer!! "Big Chicken" is produced only once a year and sells out quickly after it's release.

A few years ago HenHouse decided to use the release of this super sought after beer as a promotion to highlight beer freshness. **This meant that "Big Chicken" would be kegged, delivered and tapped all on the the same day.**

As if zero day old, 11% ABV IPA isn't enough to have made you already set your calendars, there is more. ...

Always looking to push the envelope, HenHouse has gotten even more ambitious with this year's batch of "Big Chicken." This year's edition features three gorgeous hop varietals, Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo. Rather then blend the hops in one larger batch of beer, HenHouse has brewed a smaller single-hop batch of "Big Chicken" featuring each hop exclusively, and will be blending these three batches to produce the beer that will be sold as "Big Chicken."

The guys at HenHouse will be kegging off a very small amount of each single-hop batch prior to blending. Lost and Found is lucky to be one of only a handful of accounts that will be offering not only "Big Chicken" but also all three of the single hop versions as well.

The rare single-hop versions will be available only as part of 4x4oz flights. "Big Chicken" will be available in full 12 oz pours.


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