Mystery Writers in the Mausoleum

Santa Rosa Memorial Park

October 27, 2016

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

1900 Franklin Ave., Santa Rosa, CA, 95404

4th Annual Mystery Writers in the Mausoleum, by candlelight inside the 100+-year-old mausoleum!

The juried selection of local mystery and suspense writers includes David Templeton, Robbi Bryant, John Lynch, Alexa Popplewell, Barb Cottrell, and Marian Lindner. Dramatic readers and retelling of American ghost stories by David Gonzalez, Elaine Guenette, and others as well as a hauntingly original song by Ann Hutchinson. All will read, perform or sing their selections by candlelight.

This event is sponsored by Santa Rosa Memorial Park in collaboration with FolkHeart Press. Participants can have a chance to meet writers and readers after the event. Warm wear is advised.