The Spirit Of Us

Luther Burbank Center for the Arts 

February 26, 2017

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

40 Mark West Springs Rd., Santa Rosa, CA, 95403

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IF YOU MISSED LAST YEAR'S PRODUCTION, YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS IT THIS YEAR: THE SPIRIT OF US- A BLACK HISTORY MUSICAL PRESENTATION- BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND...... (As seen in the Press Democrat- 2/16) Despite the brutal origin of our enslaved, African ancestors in the Americas, our hope for redemption has endured, its heartbeat, pulsating through the rhythm of our music. Stemming from a blend of West African and European, Christian persuasions along with our experiences on the plantations of the south, our soulful and deeply expressive musical style, is unmatched. Whether conveying sorrows and covert protests while working in the fields, forcing what little fun that was humanly attainable, weeping and wailing to God for deliverance for their souls, or revealing secret traveling codes and instructions for The Underground Railroad, music served a vital and very functional purpose for every aspect of the lives of our slave ancestors. From Negro spirituals to gospel, songs of sorrow to blues, jubilee to jazz, protest to freedom, and folktale to rap and hip hop, the vibrations of our deeply moving melodies continue to reveal our spirit of freedom, redemption, and hope: THE SPIRIT OF US. Sponsored by SAFE HARBOR PROJECT, you are sure to feel the vibrations of the African American spirit rooted in music that speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes our mind and gives us rest, heals our heart and makes us whole, and flows from heaven to our soul. LUTHER BURBANK CENTER FOR THE ARTS BOX OFFICE and at ( $40 (VIP Seating) and $30 (General Admission) (Food, drinks, and a live performance by "None But The Righteous" will be available during a one-hour reception before show, intermission, and after the show). For information about sponsorship opportunities, call Jacqueline Lawrence at 707-393-7661 DON'T MISS OUT!


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