Whale Watching - Bodega Bay

Bodega Head Park

January 1, 2017 — April 30, 2017

3799 Westshore Rd., Bodega Bay, CA, 94923

Whale watching in Bodega Bay is very popular because there is an easily accessible high point from which to watch for whales at Sonoma Coast State Park. The peak months for whale watching are January through April. If the weather is good, whales can be seen within a few hundred yards of coastal headlands, with prime viewing.

The park, at the Bodega Head, also provides nice restroom facilities, picnic opportunities, and other recreational opportunities to add to your whale watching adventure. Most any day thru the migratory period, docents are available at the viewing spot. They also provide spotting scopes to help find the whales and answer any questions you might have.  

Grey whales tend to come the closest to shore at Bodega Head on their north bound migration. You can often watch the calves interacting with their Mothers which can lead to lots of exclamatory remarks if you happen to be standing in a crowd which can certainly happen on the weekends when hundreds of people migrate to this spot to watch the whales. The whales feed on krill, which are abundant off the Sonoma Coast. The southbound migration tends to occur in the fall in October and November.