Invigorated by beach strolls, mountain hikes and bike rides, we catch our breath under the local version of skyscrapers.

Family enjoying beach in Sonoma County

Couple hiking in Sonoma County

Admit it; you were designed for outdoor adventuring. Breathing in the fresh air; connecting with Mother Nature by gliding sky high through the redwoods on a zip line; hiking abundant trails with stunning views; catching rocky vistas from an ocean kayak; or running a marathon through a vineyard, you’ve come to the right place.

Fancy a bike ride? With international professionals riding our roads, for fun and competition, we know a thing or two about exploring on two wheels. Whether you prefer a tough climb with winding declines and stellar views, or simply want to enjoy a smooth guided ride through vineyards, Sonoma County has a ride for everyone.

So do yourself a favor, get outdoors and unplug. There will be plenty of time for an iconic wine country selfie later.  

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