Beyond a zoo, far more than any drive-through park, Safari West thrives as a world-renowned preserve dedicated to conservation and home to the earth’s most graceful, majestic and exotic creatures. Here you can go on safari and see animals roaming wild and soaring free, just like they do in the wilds of Africa. Enjoy the zoological gardens and grounds complete with leaping lemurs, and other primates, birds winging in our tree top and Oasis open-air aviary and cheetahs splendid in the grass. Experience the most unique photo opportunities short of getting on a plane and flying to Africa. Reserve a guided safari through our collection and immerse yourself in the wonders of a truly wild world!

Wonderfully, the adventure doesn’t end with our safari tours -within our wild menagerie we built a safari glamping camp that is the pinnacle of luxury. Each of our richly appointed safari tent stands proudly on an oak-studded hillside overlooking a vista of browsing giraffes and prancing antelope. A night spent in the bush will change your world as you lie down to sleep serenaded by the sounds of the Sonoma Serengeti night.


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