A Reason to Toast

January 29, 2018

It should come as no surprise that picking ‘‘the best’’ microbrew beer city in the United States is a highly subjective matter, even for a computer. However, after analyzing 1,600 breweries across America, based on a weighted blend of quality (beer ratings) and quantity (breweries in proximity), data shows that Santa Rosa tops the list. When quality and quantity are weighted equally, San Diego is the top microbrew city in the nation and Santa Rosa drops to fourth place, behind Denver and Portland. If quality is excluded, Santa Rosa still ranks 12th in the nation, based solely on the number of craft brew establishments clustered within a 20-mile radius. This conclusion was recently published in The Pudding. By wielding original data sets, primary research, and interactivity, The Pudding deconstructs and thoroughly explores a wide variety of complex topics with engaging visual essays. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the results, there is no doubt that the beer scene has swept across the country and Santa Rosa is on the leading edge.

All things considered, for Santa Rosa―a city in the heart of wine country―to be named “microbrew capital of the US” is a welcome reputation to have.

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